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Why a Hand Winch is a Good Investment for Your Tow Truck

If you own a tow truck, or if you're thinking about getting involved in the towing industry, then you might be familiar with the fact that winches are commonly used in your industry. You might be looking to purchase a winch, or you might not think you need one. Either way, you should think about these reasons why a hand winch might be a good investment for your truck. Once you learn a little more about hand winches and how they are used in the towing industry, you might just decide that your tow truck — and towing business overall — will be better if you invest in one. 

They're Some of the Most Affordable Winches

You might have decided against purchasing a winch for your truck since you might assume that most of them are pretty expensive. If you have only looked at electric and hydraulic models, then it's probably true that the ones that you have seen are a bit costly. Many people find that these winches are worth the cost, but if you don't have the extra money in your budget, you might not be able to purchase one right now. However, hand winches are typically significantly more affordable. Therefore, even if you're just starting up your towing business, or even if you've already spent the money in your equipment budget, you might be able to afford a simple hand winch.

They're Pretty Safe

Using a winch can be safer than trying to load vehicles onto your tow truck in other ways, but this doesn't mean they are completely safe. Because you will be controlling a hand winch by hand, however, you might find that it's actually safer than other types of winches. After all, there is less of a chance of there being a malfunction, and you don't have to worry about as many moving parts or electrical components that could put you or others in danger.

They're Surprisingly Strong

You might think that you will need an electric or hydraulic winch in order to actually load vehicles onto your tow truck. Even though you might need one of these winches if you're going to be towing especially large vehicles and equipment, you might be surprised by how strong a hand winch can be.

They Work as a Good Back-Up

Even though you might normally like to use a hydraulic or electric winch when towing, you might know that these can fail. Having a hand winch on your tow truck, too, can provide you with a nice backup, just in case you need it.

Reach out to a tow truck winch company for more information.