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Could your pipes be better lagged?

Have you checked your pipework recently? In most cases, as long as there are no leaks and the water continues to flow, you may not pay much attention to your pipework, but that could be a mistake. While there may not be anything with the pipes at present, by taking some extra care now, you can make your pipes safer and more efficient, and you can also reduce the likelihood of any problems developing soon. One of the most effective things you can do for your pipework is to arrange for a pipe lagging company to come in and lag all of the pipes. Here are three ways that pipe lagging could improve the state of your pipes.  

Prevent burst pipes - The most common reason for fitting pipe lagging is to stop pipes from freezing during cold weather. If you live anywhere that experiences freezing temperatures, you must fit pipe lagging to keep the pipes warm, or at least warm enough to stop them freezing. If pipes freeze, it is likely that they will burst as the water turns to ice, and that can be a serious problem, often resulting in flooding. No one likes to clear up the mess from a flooded home or business, and arranging pipe lagging is a simple way to protect your home or business.

Prevent burns - Not all water is cold. Sometimes, you will want to pipe hot water around the property. If you have hot water running through an exposed pipe, there is a serious risk of injury for anyone who touches the pipe. Fitting pipe lagging provides a vital barrier between the hot pipe and anyone who may come into contact with it.

Improve efficiency and save money - When you transfer water through pipes, you probably want to keep that water at a fixed temperature, either hot or cold. The problem is that as the water moves along the pipe, it will be influenced by environmental factors, and the temperature will start to adjust. In some cases, you may have to either heat or chill the water again at the destination so that it isn't tepid. Rather than allowing the water temperature to change, it is better to improve the thermal efficiency of the pipework by applying pipe lagging. Pipe lagging will insulate the pipe from the environment so that the temperature of the water within the pipe will be less affected by the prevailing weather conditions.