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Top Things You Might Not Know About Installing a Screw Pile Foundation

If you are working with a builder to have your home built, you might be trying to learn as much as possible about the different construction techniques that are being used in the construction of your home. If so, then you might be curious about how the foundation is going to be installed, since you might have heard that a screw pile foundation is the type of foundation that is going to be put in. A lot of people who aren't involved in the construction industry don't know much about screw pile foundations, but it's not a bad idea to learn a little more about them. These are some of the top things that you might not know about having a screw pile foundation installed, for example.

It Has Similarities to Screwing Into Wood

You could be wondering how a screw pile foundation got its name, and you could be wondering if there is any similarity between having this type of foundation installed and working with more traditional screws. The answer is yes. If you watch when your screw pile foundation is installed, you'll see that the screw piles will be wound into the ground. When this is done, it often looks much like what it looks like when a metal screw is being screwed into a piece of wood or some other material. Of course, it's done on a much larger scale, and instead of winding the screw piles into a piece of wood, the screw piles are screwed into the dirt and grass in the area where your home is going to be built.

The Screw Piles Are Made From Steel

You might know that something is going to have to be screwed into the ground when you have your foundation installed, but you might not be sure of what. The screw piles are typically made out of steel, and they are usually quite long and sturdy. What surprises many people about screw piles is the fact that they are hollow on the inside. They also have helices attached to them.

It's Not Very Loud

You might assume that a lot of noise is going to be made when your home is being built, and, indeed, some of the different construction phases will probably be pretty noisy. However, the installation of a screw pile foundation is a lot quieter than you might think, particularly when it's done properly. Therefore, you shouldn't have to worry about your screw pile foundation installation being any more disruptive for the neighbors or anyone else than necessary. 

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