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Why Add a Counter Fridge to Your Restaurant's Kitchen?

While you probably already have some fridges, or even a walk-in cold room, in your restaurant's kitchen, you might be looking for ways to improve the system for keeping your food chilled.

If you're looking for alternative ways to store fresh foods, then why not consider a counter fridge? How do these fridges work, and why are they a good option?

What Is a Counter Fridge?

A counter fridge is a long, waist-high unit. It is usually made of stainless steel.

The top of the fridge is actually a metal work counter. The fridge part of the unit sits under this bench.

Depending on the design of the unit you choose, the chilled storage might have a traditional door design or use drawers. Some units combine both doors and drawers. Some counter fridges come with regular legs; however, it's common to buy units with lockable wheels.

Why Use a Counter Fridge?

If you don't have enough fridges or chilled units in your kitchen, and you're short of space, then it can be a real headache trying to find room for another regular fridge. You might have to accept a trade-off here and lose some workspace to fit in another tall appliance.

A counter fridge is a perfect fit for this situation. It won't matter if you have to lose a workbench to fit the unit it. It comes with its own counter. So, your chefs can work on the unit as well as store cold food in it. The countertop is also sturdy enough to hold kitchen equipment and appliances.

These fridges also help boost productivity in your kitchen. This is especially important during busy parts of service when you need all your people working at full pace for long stretches.

If your fridges are all along one wall or dotted around your kitchen, then your staff will spend a lot of time going to and from their work stations to the fridges to collect the food they need to prepare or cook.  If you have one or more counter fridges, then someone can use a unit as their sole workstation. They can store all the chilled food they need in the fridge's cabinets or drawers. They don't need to bomb around the kitchen, but they can instead stay focused on their jobs.

To find out more about counter fridges and to see examples of sizes, designs and storage layouts, or for more information about commercial kitchen equipment, contact a commercial kitchen equipment supplier.