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Three Fundamental Guidelines for Planning for Shade Sail Installation

Shade sails are valuable structures for enhancing outdoor commercial spaces. In simple terms, the installation of these features will make the hostile open space on your property more usable. For instance, you can develop a rest area for employees, customers or the general community. The shade structure can also be used as additional operational space for businesses such as restaurants and recreational set-ups. If you are interested in this type of addition, you must note that the performance of shade sails depends significantly on the quality of the installation. Therefore, use the below-outlined guidelines to plan for great results.

Choose the Right Shade

Correct installation and ideal performance of shade sails cannot be achieved if the selected structure is not compatible with your needs. Keep in mind that there are different shade sail designs on the market to consider before purchase. In general, there are some critical factors that you should take into account when choosing the right product. For example, you should check the dimensions of the area over which you intend to place the shade sails. Also, check the orientation of the sun in that spot and opt for a design that will maximise coverage. In addition, choose a resilient shade material which can withstand the stress of installation and long-term usage.

Install Reliable Posts

The shade sails will require reliable fixing points during installation. If there is no place for securing the feature, it will be difficult to create a durable structure. It is possible to use existing points such as the fascia or wall of your commercial building to secure the shade sails. However, this is not always an option because there might be no suitable points. Moreover, there will be considerable risk of damaging the building. Therefore, it is advisable to acquire poles for the installation. For the best results, the posts should be secured to the ground by placing them into relatively deep holes. You can opt for steel or timber posts, depending on your preference, budget and desired aesthetic.

Acquire Ideal Connectors

The quality of the connectors used to secure the shade sails to the posts or other points will determine the stability and reliability of the new structure. Under normal circumstances, you should acquire these accessories from the manufacturer of the shade sails to ensure perfect compatibility. If the connectors are not provided, it is essential to acquire durable units. Ideally, good fittings should be made of a strong material like steel, and they should have corrosion protection to prevent degradation in adverse conditions.