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Using Steel Fabrication for Custom Camping Dog Trailers

Many campers are now taking their pets with them on trips. This means ensuring the pet's safety during travel to the campgrounds or camping location. It also means you need to ensure their safety while you are at the location. This leaves you looking for a dog trailer that is not only secure but comfortable for overnight sleeping for your pets. You can go with a custom option through a steel fabrication contractor. Here are a few custom options to consider that may work well for you.

HVAC Systems

A leading upgrade that finds its way into custom steel fabrication dog trailers is an HVAC system. These systems can be fairly low profile and provide your dogs with a comfortable environment. The systems can allow a fresh flow of cool air or warm air depending on the environment you are using for camping. These can be connected to the main power source of your camper or truck and specially fabricated for the smaller spaces you may have. They can be designed to connect to a solar option as well. This means you can have a comfortable environment for your pets regardless of the weather conditions.

Automatic Feeders

If you plan on long camping trips that involve several days of travel then feeding your pets may be an issue. You can have automatic feeders fabricated from steel and added to your custom dog trailer build. These feeders can be set to feed on a gravity system or can be set on timers to release a certain amount of food for each dog in the trailer. The feeders can also be connected to the main system that holds a large amount of food to cut down on the refill needs of the feeding system. Watering systems can also be included with the feeder upgrades and customizations. 

Attached Fencing

When you reach the camping location, you'll want to let your dogs out to run. You can have folding fencing added to the dog trailers. This type of fence is not common and can be something a quality steel fabrication designer and contractor can create. They can design a fence that will attach to your camper, fold inward and lock when not in use, and connect to the other side of the camper when it is in use. This design is compact and can provide a fully enclosed area for your dogs. You can also equip the fencing with a security fencing option to keep people out or keep your dogs in. 

These are just a few of the ideas that you can use for custom dog trailers. If you plan on specific camping trips that require more customization, contact your local steel fabrication contractor and services department. They can help you with design options, upgrades, and pricing. They can also help you with other questions you may have regarding the build of the trailers.