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Key Things to Consider When Choosing Water Tanks

Water tanks are an important addition to any home or business, especially if you want to avoid water restrictions when there is drought, save on mains water bills and take control of the quality and use of water in your premises. Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing water tanks:

Testing and Australian Standards

Good water tanks should be of the highest quality and hold the relevant certifications (those that indicate they have gone through independent testing authorities and met Australian Standards for drinking water and food contact).

If there is no proof of such certifications, you can assume that the water tank in question might not be of high quality and may not serve you for long.

The Material Composition of The Water Tank

You might mostly come across plastic, concrete, sheet steel and stainless steel water tanks. The effects of surrounding elements are the main factors considered when choosing these materials. For example, if you live in a coastal area, your water tank might be exposed to saltwater. Saltwater can easily damage sheet metal tanks, meaning you had better choose plastic or concrete.

If you need an underground water tank, it is recommended to choose plastic or concrete. Sheet metal can get damaged, while stainless steel might be expensive compared to plastic. Sheet steel and stainless steel water tanks are recommended for above ground use, especially where there is sunshine. Plastic can be used above ground, but it lasts longer under shades because the harmful rays of the sun can cause wear over time.

Shape, Size and Colour of the Water Tank

How much space do you have for water tank placement? The specifics of this space (its shape, ease of manoeuvrability in the space, ease of installation, if the tank might interfere with anything, etc.) determine what shape and size of a water tank to purchase.

Another factor that may affect the size or shape of the water tank to get is how much water you want to store. It is best to let a professional and licensed water tank specialist help you make this decision.

When the above factors are not limited, aesthetics can play a role in the shape of the water tank to buy. Some tanks have more of an urban look, while others give a rural feel. Aesthetically, you might not want to install a rural looking tank in an urban environment. Likewise, colours are chosen for aesthetics rather than functionality, but for commercial spaces, you might want the water tank to have the colours of your business.

To learn more, reach out to a local water tank supplier.