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Staircase Spindles: The Materials You Can Use When Installing Them

Staircase spindles refer to the vertical bars that sit in between the rails and the floor. The rails extend along the whole cross-section of the staircase, and you need spindles to cover the space between the stairs and the horizontal rails. Essentially, the primary function of the spindle is to enhance safety by preventing fall-through accidents. However, they are also effective at adding character and style to your staircase and overall interior. The aesthetic value that you achieve depends on the materials that you choose for your staircase spindles. Here are some of the top alternatives for you:

Wrought Iron Spindles

It doesn't do any harm to go back to the old days when it comes to your interior space. Blending old materials and design is a popular way of making a statement, especially when it comes to the minor details of your décour. Wrought iron is great for adding an antique touch and incorporating a regal look into your staircase.

Wrought iron has a relatively low carbon content, giving it the perfect quality of soft metal. The softness contributes to excellent levels of elasticity and remarkable tensile strength. You will have an easy time working your spindles into elegant curves so that they can draw attention easily.

Wood Spindles

It's unfair to have conversations about interior designs and décour without mentioning wood. Wood has stood the test of time and always brings something unique to the table, including a touch of finesse to staircase spindles. Your best bet is going for prefabricated wood spindles made using lathe machines. The machine can turn the spindles into various shapes and inscribe different patterns to suit your aesthetic needs. The pre-made spindles are also treated accordingly to keep them from rotting, warping and attack by pests.

Metal Spindles

Metal spindles are also worthy of your consideration. They are the best option for finishing a metal or glass staircase. The most popular materials here are steel and aluminium. Both of them are strong, durable and capable of resisting corrosion when you galvanise them. To add on that, metal spindles allow you to use various paint coatings to match all your beautification needs.

Plastic Spindles

Did you know plastic makes a good material for staircase spindles? Well, modern fabricators can make plastic into a tough material similar to the one used as planks in decks. The material looks and gives a feel of wooden spindles, but it accepts other paint options according to your preference.

To get help designing your staircase, talk to a contractor near you.