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How Will You Protect Your Documents in the Mail?

Are you responsible for one of those businesses that rely on the postal services to deliver their products to customers? Alternatively, maybe you rely on the post to transport architectural plans or contracts that need to be physically seen by your business associates. Whenever you use the postal service to transport documents, then you must ensure that they can be securely packaged so that they are not damaged during the journey.

How will you pack your documents?

For smaller documents, you will probably be able to use a standard-sized envelope, but if what you want to send is too large for an envelope or if you don't want to risk it becoming folded or bent, then you will need to try a different option. One of the most effective ways of safely transporting large documents or photographs is using a mailing tube. When the document is rolled inside the tube it can't become bent and is more likely to reach its destination in the same condition in which it was sent.

Selecting your mailing tube

While many people are familiar with mailing tubes, not everyone appreciates the variety of shapes and sizes of tubes that are available. You may already have a company that regularly supplies you with mailing tubes, or you could be buying your first mailing tube; whatever your situation, you must be sure to pick a tube that is perfect for your needs. The first question you must settle is what shape the mailing tube will be. While most tubes are round, which makes them ideal for rolling documents, you could also choose a triangular, rectangular, or even a square tube if you need to send something better suited to one of those shapes. If you aren't sure what you need, it can be helpful to practice rolling the papers together to determine the right size and shape before committing to a particular tube.

One common mistake with mailing tubes is picking a tube that is too long. While you don't want a tube that is so short it bends the ends of the tube contents, you also shouldn't pick a tube that is so long that it allows the contents to slide around inside the mailing tube.

Your mailing tube supplier will be able to explain to you which types of mailing tubes are available and help you choose the perfect mailing tube for your situation.