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Critical Issues to Discuss With a Piling Contractor

When a site investigation report reveals that a project site is not stable enough to support the weight of a structure, it is time to call a piling contractor. A piling expert is best suited to handle such construction projects since pilings are the surest way to guarantee the safety of a commercial structure. It is particularly the case for massive and weighty buildings such as industrial facilities. However, you need to discuss a few issues with a piling contractor before getting to work.

Number of Piles 

Piles can be made from steel, concrete, wood or a combination of materials in the case of composite piles. The type of piling system you choose determines the number of piles that a contractor will use for your foundation. For instance, steel piles are strong and can accommodate large amounts of weight per square meter. It reduces the number of steel piles needed for a particular project compared to piling made from materials such as wood and concrete. The economic advantages that come with using fewer steel piles cannot be underestimated, particularly because you need less labour and time to drive the piles.

Noise and Vibrations Sensitivity 

Different pile driving procedures are used by contractors, including hammering, vibrations, jacking and jetting. All pile driving techniques produce some level of noise, and this is a critical discussion point before a project commences. Therefore, it might be challenging to work in a densely populated area where noise pollution must be kept at a minimum. For instance, piling in a residential area using the hammering or vibration methods causes some level of discomfort for residents. In such a scenario, a contractor should use noise-reducing jackets to dampen the noise produced when driving down piles. A piling exercise can comfortably be implemented in the outskirts of a residential area because of a sparse population.

Groundwater Management 

Groundwater can be a real problem for piling contractors, and it can affect your budget and water management strategy. Notably, water coming from the ground during a pile driving exercise might mess a project site if left to flow haphazardly. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss groundwater management with a piling contractor. One way to address the challenge is by harnessing the water and using it to cool the pile-driving machines. Additionally, a contractor can use the groundwater to aid the penetration of piles into the ground, especially on sites with coarse gravel or boulders.