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Essential Tips for a Beginner Spur Gear Manufacturer

Gears come in various shapes and forms. The most available type of gear is the spur gear. These gears consist of a cylinder with projecting teeth. The cylinder also has a bore at the centre that fits over a specific shaft. Spur gears are used in many processes. Using high-quality materials and accurate dimensions is necessary for the production process. When looking to get into the spur gear manufacturing process, you should know the steps to take. The article highlights some steps spur gear manufacturers take in the production process.

Creating the Gear Blank

Before the process begins, you will need to get the raw materials. Materials you can use in making spur gears include stainless steel and cast iron. Ensure you get your materials from a trusted supplier. The creating process involves cutting the metal into the required sizes. The procedure involved in cutting is called sawing. After sawing, you will need a luth for the turning procedure. Once the cutting and turning are done, it is time to cut the gear blank.

Cutting the Gear

You need to use a particular cutting process to create a gear from the blank. As a spur gear manufacturer, you can employ various methods when cutting the blank. One method that many manufacturers use is the hobbing method. Hobbing is mostly used due to its useful and versatile nature. Hobbing also gives you a quick and accurate way of making the gear teeth. However, the procedure can create burrs on the teeth. You can remove burrs and get a clean finish by using a deburring tool. 

Finishing Touches

The durability of the spur gear depends on the finishing. Applying the right finish will ensure the gears remain protected. Keep in mind that these gears are exposed to many dangerous chemicals. A great way to ensure the spur gear does not rust is by coating them using black oxide. Take the time to find the perfect finish for your spur gear. You can begin distributing your spur gear once you apply the right finish. During distribution, package each product separately. That ensures they arrive at their destination in good condition. 

In conclusion, your work as a spur gear manufacturer is to make high-quality gear. That means you should understand the best way to create spur gears. The steps offered in the article can help you know what to do. But, getting further training from the professionals will help you create durable products.