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Reasons Why You Should Use Acrylic Plastic to Make Shelves

A house remodel is an opportunity to try new construction materials. One of the ways you can save money is by using acrylic plastic. Manufacturers use acrylic plastic to make plexiglass. You can use it to replace wooden shelves in your home. It will give your house a modern and sophisticated look. Here are four more reasons why you should use acrylic for your shelves.  

Budget Friendly

A home remodel is a costly venture. There are many things you may want to change to achieve the right look. Plexiglass shelves are a great way to make a chic, modern look at an affordable cost. It's cheaper than glass but has the same look. Ensure that your contractor knows how to work with acrylic. That way, he or she will not waste material during the project. Find out whether your supplier sells acrylic cut to size. That will save time as your contractor will not need to worry about cutting and shaping the material.  

Scratch Resistant

When scratched shelves develop marks, they are unsightly and nearly impossible to remove. When there are spills, it is challenging to clean them properly. That is due to the tiny grooves formed over time. Plexiglass or acrylic sheeting is extremely scratch resistant. That way, even when you drag tins and other metallic objects over it, it does not scratch. Your shelves will maintain a like-new look.  


Acrylic is very durable. Your shelves will last a long time. Some people think it will become yellow and brittle like most plastics. That is not true for acrylic. It will maintain its original look for a very long time. Clear acrylic with proper maintenance and cleaning will last a very long time.   

It is also impact resistant. If you are worried that your beautiful shelves could shatter, you need not worry. Acrylic is shatterproof and can withstand substantial impacts. That is because it has a lower density as compared to that of glass which has little impact resistance.  

Colour Variation

Acrylic provides you with a variety of options as regards colour. If you are looking to have your shelves match your home's colour scheme, use plexiglass. It is available in a variety of colours including black, white, green, red and even brown. Talk to your supplier and find out what colours he or she can supply. You can pick one that works with your home.  

Acrylic plastic is a very versatile material. Use it to add elegance and sophistication to your home.