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Screw Piles: Three Key Reasons You Should Be Using Screw Piles

If you are building a deep foundation, using screw piles is an excellent idea. Screw piles are also called screw anchors. The idea is similar to putting screws on wood. They can be used for roads and rails as well as for masts and retaining structures. Here are three reasons you should use screw anchors in your project.  

Easy to Install 

Most foundation installation involves a lot of digging and machinery. If you are making deep holes, for instance, to hold up a mast, you will need special machinery. You will also need workers trained in the use of that machinery. That makes it slow, time-consuming work. Putting in screw anchors takes less time and requires less equipment. 

A one-foot anchor will only take a few moments. That means that in a couple minutes, you can have a 10-foot screw installed. There is little soil displacement, and you do not need to bury anything or pour concrete. Qualified screw pile contractors should do this installation. 

Instant Load-Carrying Capacity 

With alternative methods, you have to wait for the foundation to be ready. If you put in the load too soon, the entire thing will crumble. Screw anchors can bear weight immediately after they are put in. That means that your project will take a shorter time and will therefore cost less. In an emergency, this is very helpful. The structure can be in place in a short time, helping those affected get help quickly. 

You do not need to wait for excess pore water to dry or for concrete to harden. The best part about screw anchors is the fact that their capacity increases with age. They can carry more weight the longer they are in the ground.  


Screw piling is very environmentally friendly. Screw piles can be easily removed and reused on a different site. Companies make screw anchors from reinforced steel. They are usually strong enough to use in a new location. Often, when you use alternative methods for temporary structures, they are not recyclable and are abandoned in the ground. This way, screw anchors lower your carbon footprint. 

Apart from that, they cause minimal soil disturbance. That means you do not need to get rid of your trees because their roots impede excavation. You can also use them in places with a high water table.

Screw anchors are a great way to speed up your construction, as shown above. Ensure that you buy high-quality screw piles at your local hardware store.