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Are you thinking about a new feedwater tank?

To keep your boiler working properly, it is important that not only is your system set up correctly but also that it is maintained well. One of the most important aspects of looking after your boiler set-up is making sure that you have the right feed tank in place and that it is working as you would expect.

Why are water feed tanks important?

The right treatment of boiler feedwater is a vital component in the effective maintenance of any boiler system. When steam is created, there are always dissolved solid particles which begin to form deposits within the boiler. As these deposits form, the heat transfer becomes less effective and the overall boiler becomes less efficient. Maintaining effective heat transfer is important both for the operation of the boiler and regulating your energy consumption. Feedwater waters are required for storing deaerated water and also for returning condensate. If the heat transfer of the boiler remains poor, then not only will your boiler be working harder than it should be but your bills will continue to increase. If you do decide that you need to replace your feed tank, then there are at least three things that you will need to ensure:

The tank is the right specification

Feedwater tanks are available in a range of sizes to suit all types of boilers. You will need to talk to your supplier to work out which size of tank would be best for your system. You might be satisfied with a basic steel tank, or you might need to purchase a full de-aeration system. The decision will depend on the nature of your boiler, so the more information you can provide, the easier that decision will be.

The tank is fully insulated

When considering which tank to purchase, you should ensure that you look for feedwater tanks which are made of the right materials for your situation and which are fully insulated and clad to prevent unnecessary heat loss.

The tank comes with everything needed

There is nothing worse than purchasing feedwater tanks and then discovering that you need to buy something else to connect your boiler system together. Check that any tank that you purchase is supplied with the appropriate vents, check valves, isolation valves drain and ball float so that everything you need for installation is there and ready to be fitted together at your convenience. Speak with a professional who provides feedwater tanks to learn more.