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Recyclable Pallets: Three Ways to Dispose of Recyclable Wooden Pallets

Recyclable pallets manufacturers make them with metal, wood or plastics. Recyclable wood pallets are a great way to keep your home or business eco-friendly. There are many ways you can reuse and recycle wood pallets. They can be composted, turned into yard mulch, made into scrap wood as well as used as fuel for your boiler. Here are three ways you can dispose of unwanted wooden recyclable pallets.

Speak to the Shipper 

If you want to dispose of empty pallets, talking to your shipper is a great way to start. You can find out whether they are willing to pick up the empty pallets or have a third party pick them up for recycling. Reusing and recycling wooden pallets saves trees and energy. Most shipping companies are looking to be more eco-friendly. Bear in mind that reusing pallets will lower shipping costs. That is very attractive to shipping companies. Ask them to use a bigger pallet such as the 48x40 units. These are more attractive to pallet collection and recycling companies.  

Local Recyclers 

You can also dispose of your used pallets through a local business. If you have companies that recycle pallets in your area, you can have them collect your used pallets. These companies chip the wood from the pallets or use it to make mulch for gardening. They also prepare the wood to be used for fuel. You should, however, find out the recycler's charges first.  If the pallets are in excellent condition, the recycler will pay you for them. Small pallets and those in a bad state will attract fees. Ensure that you pick a recycler that is close to you. It will lower transportation costs and ensure that pick up is quick and timely.

Local Artisans 

Wooden pallets in good condition provide local artisans with material for craft projects. You can have local hobbyist come into your business premises and identify pallets they want. Advertise online. You can get ahold of local artisans looking for affordable wood. You should, however, beware of the dangers of letting strangers into your business premises. You will need to enhance security. Secondly, you will need to put a measure in place to ensure public safety. If you find it easy to handle members of the public on your premises, this is a great way to dispose of unwanted pallets.


Recyclable pallets are very eco-friendly. You can manage waste at your business premises by using the above tips for disposing of them.